About Us


About Studio POWWOW

Studio POWWOW was founded on the principle that young audiences’ viewing habits and behaviours have changed, as the internet, mobile and tablet devices become an ever increasing part of the way people consume entertainment. POWWOW creates and delivers entertainment that is sensitive to these changing behaviours, by helping entertainment brands to adapt, stay relevant and engage with their audiences on multiple media platforms, bringing their experience of award-winning TV-quality animation, design and storytelling to interactive content and games.

POWWOW creates entertainment brands with engaging stories and characters that are knitted seamlessly and consistently back together on multiple media platforms.  In doing so, POWWOW has been able to:

  • Build a deeper connection between its audiences and its brands.
  • Increase user engagement,
  • Drive more viewers to each platform
  • Start building and honing its audience immediately through digital channels

In 2014 POWWOW released its first mulit-platform entertainment franchise ‘ShipAntics.’ The first in the series of fun-filled puzzle adventures, entwining an exciting story with TV quality cartoon content and fantastic games on mobile and web.  At Studio POWWOW we strive to design innovative and imaginative multi-platform entertainment, while constantly pushing the boundaries of creative excellence.


Our Team


Richard GlynnCEO – Highly experienced producer and manager, with over 9 years experience running and managing major international television productions in the Irish Animation Industry. Being obsessed with The Goonies, Richard thinks that there’s awesome treasure hidden in underground caverns all over Dublin.

Eoghan DaltonCreative Director – Eoghan is the creator of ‘The World of ShipAntics’ and has 10 years experience working as an animator and animation director on major productions for Disney, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network. His top five favourite sea captains are, Haddock, Birdseye, Blackbeard, Kidd and Bligh of the Bounty.

Stephen KellyHead of Interactive –  6 years experience in animation and interactive for clients such as Cartoon Network, Disney,  HMH and Sesame Street. Stephen loves gadgets of all shapes and sizes, and in his spare time he tries to find ways of clocking his new 3DS Xl so it can run Windows 8.