Our last day in Games Ireland’s Game Space

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Today is our last day in the Games Ireland Incubator. We’ve had an amazing time up here and are really glad we have had the opportunity to get our own office and work out of a space such as this. We have had the chance to work alongside some incredible companies such as Six Minute, Bright Head Games, Sugra Games, Pewter Games, and many more.

While we’ve been here, we have had talks from some of Ireland’s leading experts in the gaming industry. These talks included people such as; Richard Barnwell of Digit games, Barry O’Neill of Story Toys, Tony Kelly of Demonware, Sean Blanchfield, and also Talks from Microsoft, Google, along with many others. We have had events such as dubLUDO organised in the Game Space and we hope to attend more of these fantastic events organised by Games Ireland and fellow Irish Game Developers in the future.

We just want to say a big thank you to Pulse College, Games Ireland, and in particular Naomi Moore, Paul Hayes, and Mark O’Toole for giving us this opportunity. We look forward to the Games Space growing and housing even more developers in the near future.

Our new office will be in the Liffey Trust Building beside the O2 convention Centre, where we’ll be working alongside other game companies such as Blue Bear and Glass Robot. We’ll be posting some pictures up when we’re all settled in! All are welcome to call up and visit!

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