Games Ireland Gathering 2013/Gaming Reimagined

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We have been really busy this past week here at Studio POWWOW. We had the opportunity to set up a stand to demo our game, The World of ShipAntics to the public and other game developers at Games Ireland Gathering (GIG2013) and Gaming Reimagined in the Aviva Stadium Dublin last Thurday and Windmill Lane on Friday.

We met a lot of great people who gave us some invaluable feedback on the game (Thank you if you came over to play our game by the way!).

Here are a few pictures of other developers and students playing our game. The Full Album that includes all of the pictures is available Here on our Facebook Page.

Chris of Pewter Games Studios Playing our game The World of ShipAntics at GIG2012

Edward Mc Elroy of Brighthead games Playing our game The World of ShipAntics at GIG2012

Playing The World of ShipAntics at GIG2013


When we had time we also went around to the other developers that were showcasing their games. Pictured below are two other great Irish Game developers; Glass Robot Studios, and Richard playing Bright Head Games ‘The Adventures of King Croc‘.

Glass Robot studios at GIG2013

Richard playing The Adventures of King Croc by Brighthead Games

We also went to as many of the speeches as we could while exhibiting. There were some amazing talks from developers like Microsoft, Swrve, Facebook, Riot Games, Havok, and Jordan Casey, the 12 Year-old game developer talking about his latest game. After the these talks, the Games Ireland section kicked off with all of the inaugural Incubator participants giving a presentation about themselves and their games. This included BatCat Games, SixMinute Games, BitSmith Games, and also us, Studio POWWOW.

Richard giving a speech at GIG2013


We also attended another event just for game developers on the next day in Windmill Lane.  We had some amazing talks from people that work in Riot Games, Magic Pixel Games, Demonware, Havok, Cartoon Saloon and many more throughout the day. We also got up to talk  BatCat GamesSixMinute Games, and BitSmith Games.

Minister for Social Protection Joan Burton giving a speech at Gaming Reimagined

Andrea Magnorsky speaking at GIG2013 about BatCat Games games Ireland

Owen Harris talks about his game Kú: Shroud of the Morrigan From BitSmith Games.

SixMinuite games give a talk at GIG2013/Gaming Reimagined

Second day of talks from our own Richard Glynn from Studio POWWOW about our game The World of ShipAntics

After all the speakers were finished Paul Hayes then invited us down to get some free food and drink. (Thanks Paul!)

Paul Hayes from Games Ireland gives the final speech for our drink and Leo Burdocks

As you can probably guess from the pictures, Riot games were at the event in a big way, including a League of Legends LAN party. About half-way through the night, they came out with a bag full of Teemo Hats! It was great seeing a room full of Yordle Game Developers.

Riot games give out Teemo Hats to all of the Irish game developers in the room

Richard and Eoghan of Studio POWWOW and Radoslaw "Rahares" Pasternicki, Polish community coordinator of Riot Games at GIG2013


It was an amazing experience over the two days meeting so many different people and getting to talk to them about our game. We really did get some great feedback about our game, and also learned a lot about other companies within the games industry too.

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