Kids Apps – The rise of ‘Play’

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Here at Studio POWWOW we are seeing a growing trend in kids’ apps that are becoming more about ‘Play’ rather than educational apps or “edutainment”. Many developers are now referring to their apps as ‘toys’ rather than games. We can see how many developers are taking the concepts of how children play with non digital toys such as Lego and dolls and converting this to a digital experience for children.  With these apps, there are no goals, just toys to play with.

Toca Boca

Toca Boca makes digital toys for kids on iOS devices. They believe that playing and fun are the best way to learn about the world. They aim to make apps that stimulate the imagination by letting kids create their own way to play with their apps.

Toca Boca apps also aim to address the emotional needs of children. They create a wider need than playing games or teaching abc’s to children. These types of digital content also create a collaborative environment that parents can play apps with their children, or that children can play with together.

Toca Boca also encourages a safe environment for kids to play within their apps and for Parents to let their children play with these apps. Toca Boca do this by making sure there are no in app purchases or advertising throughout their apps.






Launchpad Toys

Lauchpad Toys take a completely different approach to the way they let kids play with their apps. They empower children to share their ideas and stories with friends and family through interactive cartoons. This can also help kids to adopt creative writing skills.




As you can see from just these two companies, digital play has now been incorporated into apps and seems to be a growing element within the app stores

With kids now able to create their own way to play with these apps, the options for developers to produce content that can help children play with digital content and to use their imaginations can lead to children playing with apps in new and exciting way. The apps are also built to help communication and collaboration between parents and their children which is an increasing characteristic of their children’s app that is sought by parents.

Are there any other kids games based on play that you’d recommend?

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