Mobile Monday Event with RTÉ Digital

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We recently attended an event at the Guinness Factory called Mobile Monday hosted by RTÉ Digital.

The day started off with our CEO Richard being interviewed by RTÉ about what we do here at Studio POWWOW.IMG_0155

You can watch the interview below, we’re even first.

After the recording, the event started with Ben Hurley, the CEO of the NDRC being the chair of the event. This was followed on by Donald Howarth of comScore giving a talk on Mobile Trends (Pictured below). The slides from this presentation can be found here. There are some very interesting statistics within the presentation and it is defiantly worth looking through. IMG_0158

After this, there was a panel discussion on Making Mobile Platforms Work with Donald Hawarth from comScore, Aisling McCabe from RTÉ Digital, Keith Davey from Marino Software and Gary Leyden from the NDRC.


The next panel discussion was about the mobile app environment for B2B and B2C. This panel consisted of Brendan Bourke from Radical, Brendan Conway from iMob Media, Elaine Robison from Meteor, Conor Mullen from RTÉ Digital, and Bruce Bale from Facebook.


The last panel disscussion was case studies with Rob Cumiskey and Tim Arnold of Hailo, James Whelton from Coder Dojo and Joe Drumgoole of Feed Henry.


At the end of the event we had the opportunity to talk about one of our transmedia project ‘The World of ShipAntics’. We also talked about monetising apps and content for a young audience.




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