Blog review of “ShipAntics – The Legend of the Kiki Beast

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Great write up by Frank Whelan on about “ShipAntics – The Legend of the Kiki Beast, Chapter 1″

Check it out!

Morning Ireland Interview – The Bridge

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Our CEO Richard was on Morning Ireland this morning talking about a program that he’s helping to run called ‘The Bridge’. This program helps recent college graduates in the Animation and Games sectors gain real life industry experience working with companies such as Riot Games, Havok, Jam Media, and Brown Bag Films.

You can find the link to listen in below:,20431911,20431911,flash,232

Liffey Trust Building – Our New Office

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Hi everyone!

We’ve finally moved into our new office! We’re now in the Liffey Trust Building beside the O2 Convention Centre. Here’s a few pics to show off what we’ve set up so far: (Sorry about the image quality, taken on a phone)

Feel free to drop in any time!

Our last day in Games Ireland’s Game Space

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Today is our last day in the Games Ireland Incubator. We’ve had an amazing time up here and are really glad we have had the opportunity to get our own office and work out of a space such as this. We have had the chance to work alongside some incredible companies such as Six Minute, Bright Head Games, Sugra Games, Pewter Games, and many more.

While we’ve been here, we have had talks from some of Ireland’s leading experts in the gaming industry. These talks included people such as; Richard Barnwell of Digit games, Barry O’Neill of Story Toys, Tony Kelly of Demonware, Sean Blanchfield, and also Talks from Microsoft, Google, along with many others. We have had events such as dubLUDO organised in the Game Space and we hope to attend more of these fantastic events organised by Games Ireland … Read More »

Cartoon Digital

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Have you see our CEO Richard Glynn talking at the CARTOON Digital conference? Check it out below!

DIGITAL 2013 – From animation to digital and gaming platforms from CARTOON on Vimeo.

Our new Twitter Handle – @StudioPOWWOW

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Hi everyone!

We have just changed our twitter handle to @StudioPOWWOW! Follow us for the latest news on our game, The World of ShipAntics! We also post all the latest information on animation, gaming and transmedia news.

Studio POWWOW Twitter

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We now have over 500 followers on our Twitter Account @POWWOWtweets! If you’re interested in anything from Game Development, Animation, or how we’re building transmedia story worlds, give us a follow, and we’ll keep you entertained!

Mobile Monday Event with RTÉ Digital

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We recently attended an event at the Guinness Factory called Mobile Monday hosted by RTÉ Digital.

The day started off with our CEO Richard being interviewed by RTÉ about what we do here at Studio POWWOW.

You can watch the interview below, we’re even first.

After the recording, the event started with Ben Hurley, the CEO of the NDRC being the chair of the event. This was followed on by Donald Howarth of comScore giving a talk on Mobile Trends (Pictured below). The slides from this presentation can be found here. There are some very interesting statistics within the presentation and it is defiantly worth looking through. 

After this, there was a panel discussion on Making Mobile Platforms Work with Donald Hawarth from comScore, Aisling McCabe from RTÉ Digital, Keith Davey from Marino Software and Gary Leyden from the NDRC.

The next panel discussion was about the mobile app … Read More »

Dragonbones & Spine

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Here at Studio POWWOW we have been working with various animation tools for game development. We have been using two in particular that are worth mentioning, Spine and DragonBones. Both of these animation tools use 2d skeletal animation to create texture atlases to animate 2d objects. These can help to create performance enhanced, resource friendly animations.


Spine is a 2D skeletal animation tool designed by Esoteric Software specifically for game development to help bring your games to life quickly and easily. It now works with various game engines including Unity 3d, Cocos2d, Cocos2d-x, XNA / MonoGame, Starling, libgdx, Turbulenz, SFML, Torque2D, Corona, and LÖVE.

Spine also ran a successful Kickstarter campaign raising $67,569. This money was raised to help bring spine to new platforms such as Unity 3d and Coco’s 2d with runtime libraries for each.


DragonBones is also a 2d skeleton animation solution … Read More »

Kids Apps – The rise of ‘Play’

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Here at Studio POWWOW we are seeing a growing trend in kids’ apps that are becoming more about ‘Play’ rather than educational apps or “edutainment”. Many developers are now referring to their apps as ‘toys’ rather than games. We can see how many developers are taking the concepts of how children play with non digital toys such as Lego and dolls and converting this to a digital experience for children.  With these apps, there are no goals, just toys to play with.

Toca Boca

Toca Boca makes digital toys for kids on iOS devices. They believe that playing and fun are the best way to learn about the world. They aim to make apps that stimulate the imagination by letting kids create their own way to play with their apps.

Toca Boca apps also aim to address the emotional needs of children. They create a wider … Read More » Post

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There is a great new post up in the news section of by Pavel Barter. It covers a lot of information regarding game start-up funding and office space within Ireland. We’re also featured in this article. Check it out below or on

With the announcement of a new GamesSpace initiative in Dublin, indie start-ups may find it easier to source office space. In this feature, Pavel Barter explores the steps you can take to obtain funding and grow a fledgling Irish games company. 

The last eight months have been a whirlwind for Tom Murphy. In July 2012, Murphy, founder of, set up mobile games company Gone Gaming. Now he and business partner Karl Hutson are planning the worldwide launch of their first title, The Jump, in Austin or Los Angeles. The game, which features DJ Poet from pop group Black … Read More »

Games Ireland Gathering 2013/Gaming Reimagined

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We have been really busy this past week here at Studio POWWOW. We had the opportunity to set up a stand to demo our game, The World of ShipAntics to the public and other game developers at Games Ireland Gathering (GIG2013) and Gaming Reimagined in the Aviva Stadium Dublin last Thurday and Windmill Lane on Friday.

We met a lot of great people who gave us some invaluable feedback on the game (Thank you if you came over to play our game by the way!).

Here are a few pictures of other developers and students playing our game. The Full Album that includes all of the pictures is available Here on our Facebook Page.


When we had time we also went around to the other developers that were showcasing their games. Pictured below are two other great Irish Game developers; Glass Robot Studios, … Read More »

ShipAntics at NDRC LiftOff 6

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Eoghan, Stephen and Richard showcasing ShipAntics at NDRC LiftOff 6

GDC Talk: Helping Your Players Feel Smart: Puzzles As User Interface

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We’ve recently found a great free GDC Talk on ‘Helping Your Players Feel Smart: Puzzles As User Interface’ by Randy Smith of Tiger Style Games.  Check it out on the link below.

Lift Off Investor Day

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Our 3 month accelerator program at NDRC LaunchPad came to an end yesterday with the Lift Off Investor Day. Richard gave a fantastic pitch for our multi-platform entertainment experience The World of ShipAntics  and did the POWWOW team proud. A big congratulations to the winners of Lift Off and all the teams involved!

1st place to Conker; 2nd place to Tempity; 3rd place to; and special award to Prowlster.

The World of ShipAntics

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