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Dragonbones & Spine

Posted on May 9th, by Darren in Artwork, Studio POWWOW. No Comments

Here at Studio POWWOW we have been working with various animation tools for game development. We have been using two in particular that are worth mentioning, Spine and DragonBones. Both of these animation tools use 2d skeletal animation to create texture atlases to animate 2d objects. These can help to create performance enhanced, resource friendly animations.


Spine is a 2D skeletal animation tool designed by Esoteric Software specifically for game development to help bring your games to life quickly and easily. It now works with various game engines including Unity 3d, Cocos2d, Cocos2d-x, XNA / MonoGame, Starling, libgdx, Turbulenz, SFML, Torque2D, Corona, and LÖVE.

Spine also ran a successful Kickstarter campaign raising $67,569. This money was raised to help bring spine to new platforms such as Unity 3d and Coco’s 2d with runtime libraries for each.


DragonBones is also a 2d skeleton animation solution … Read More » Post

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There is a great new post up in the news section of by Pavel Barter. It covers a lot of information regarding game start-up funding and office space within Ireland. We’re also featured in this article. Check it out below or on

With the announcement of a new GamesSpace initiative in Dublin, indie start-ups may find it easier to source office space. In this feature, Pavel Barter explores the steps you can take to obtain funding and grow a fledgling Irish games company. 

The last eight months have been a whirlwind for Tom Murphy. In July 2012, Murphy, founder of, set up mobile games company Gone Gaming. Now he and business partner Karl Hutson are planning the worldwide launch of their first title, The Jump, in Austin or Los Angeles. The game, which features DJ Poet from pop group Black … Read More »