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ShipAntics is a Transmedia comedy adventure for 6-12 year olds, about a crew of talentless, feckless outcasts, who have lost their way. A tale of discovery that follows a collection of misfit, trainee sailors, who have washed up on the only boat mad enough to train them – Captain Fred’s ‘Barnacle Academy.’

We follow our heroes Amanda the resourceful daughter of the ship’s captain Fred, Otto, a cheeky young octopus and the rest of the crew as they navigate through this strange and dysfunctional world. A World where you can meet a talking and very sweaty iceberg in tropical waters and a whale with an island on it’s head, whose inhabitants all have a terrible case of vertigo from living on a whales head. A play on your normal adventure where ‘X’ doesn’t mark the spot” and if you do find treasure, it’s probably more trouble than it’s worth.

ShipAntics: The Legend of the Kiki Beast

The first part of our adventure  ‘ShipAntics: The Legend of the Kiki Beast’  set sail in July 2014  on iOS with Android coming in early 2015

The Legend of The Kiki Beast, is an episodic puzzle adventure game set in a vibrant cartoon world, It represents a fresh take on the classic adventure game genre. An irreverent, fun-filled adventure that interweaves quality animated cartoon content with a story-driven game featuring puzzles and hidden challenges. Players become immersed in the zany world of the good ship Barnacle, brimming with instantly lovable characters such as Amanda Captain Fred, Otto and many, many more.

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Coming Soon (All based on ShipAntics):

  1. TV Series (In development)
  2. More of our Appisodes, available on YouTube and as an InApp feature.
  3. Connected Toys
  4. Books

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Puppy Cuts – My Dog Grooming Pet Salon

Studio POWWOW developed “Puppy Cuts – My Dog Grooming Pet Salon” from game concept to final release for The Kindly Ones Productions and published by StoryToys. Puppy Cuts was developed in Cocos2d-x and animation was done using Spine.

Download Puppy Cuts for Free on iOS

 Curious About Me

Client: Houghton Miffllin Harcourt

Studio POWWOW provided character animation for Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s Curious George app “Curious About Me” on iOS. Animation was created using the 2D games animation software  Spine, by Esoteric Software.

Download Curious About Me on iOS.


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